Shack Attack Suzy Sucker Softbait - Walleye & Chartreuse - BLOWOUT SAVE 50%

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Shack Attack Suzy Sucker Softbait Lure - Walleye & Chartreuse Sizes : 11" Weight: 10oz The 11" Suzy Sucker is already proving to be a big hit amongst specimen pike anglers. We have taken swim bait design to another level with the Shallow Suzy Sucker. This bait features some simple, yet unique design features that make this a truly versatile bait. Take a look at the tail; it's upside down compared to other swim baits. After extensive testing with various tail designs and sizes, we discovered that by turning the tail upside down, we could get Suzy Sucker bulging at the surface with her nose shimmying out the water, creating a wake. At the same time, the tail would continue to beat profusely below the water, giving off huge vibration. There is not another soft plastic swim bait on the market that can do this. To get Suzy Sucker to bulge at the surface, simply employ a steady retrieve speed and keep the rod tip high; you will soon have Suzy Sucker creating a bulge. This is a slow-sinking bait that you can work at various depths, but is best suited to shallow water presentations. The 11" Suzy Sucker is already proving to be a big hit amongst musky hunters. It has a huge profile and a large paddle tail. It's this action of the paddle tail that causes the whole body to wiggle and wobble in the water. This makes the 11" Suzy Sucker look like a wounded sucker fish and an easy target for any hungry musky in the area. The 11" Suzy Sucker has a sink rate of approximately 1ft per second. Now you have a big profile, very natural-looking bait that can be used with ease for many hours at a time! Clip on an 11" Suzy Sucker and you won't want to take it off, but the musky's will!

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