Shimano Beastmaster DX 9ft-11ft Feeder Rod

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The Shimano Beastmaster DX Feeder rod range features eight different precision deigned rodsin order to ensure you are able to use the tool that best matches the conditions of your favourite venue(s). Suitable for use across the feeder disciplines, all the rods in the rage have been constructed with a combination of HPC60 and Biofibre. By applying high pressure to the carbon rods during the curing process it ensures that the resins are distributed evenly throughout the carbon fibres. Biofibre is a similar distribution process that works with the fibres themselves to ensure the organic strengthening of the material. The two combined leave you with a rod that is up to four times stronger than other carbon rods made using the traditional method – ensuring durability and performance excellence even under extreme bankside conditions.

All the rods in the range have also been fitted with Shimano’s Hardlite guides. The aluminium oxide coating on these stainless steel guides ensures that you can use a braided line with confidence. The Shimano Beastmaster DX Feeder rods are also all fitted with DPS reel seats which lock your reel in place for the ultimate angling confidence. Each rod is also supplied with three quivers tips, each balanced to the individual rod, to give you versatile performance options that allow you to tailor your rod to the conditions of the water and your target fish.

The rods in the range vary in size. The smallest multi-way light rod can be fished between 9ft and 11ft. With a 70g casting weight this rod is ideal for smaller venues.  If you’re looking for a new rod to revolutionise your coarse fishing, whether you target venues or rivers, then this is the range to too your eye on.

  • Model - 9ft -11ft / 70gr

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