Sonubaits Krill Feed Pellets

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Krill is one of the most distinctive flavours in fishing bait, its pungent aroma has now been harnessed, concentrated and added to a high quality fishmeal pellet which contains blended fishmeal and Krill Meal along with increased levels of oil.

4mm Krill Feed Pellets are ideal for use in a Pellet Feeder and are easy to prepare. Simply pour the pellets into a bait tub and add half the amount of lake water to pellets. Then pop a lid on and leave them to absorb the water, shaking them every 5 minutes to make sure the water is evenly distributed through the pellets. After about 30 minutes the pellets will have absorbed all the water and will be the perfect consistency for using on in a Pellet Feeder.

Size: 4mm