Storm R.I.P. Curly Tail 22 cm

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A big bait equals a big fish - it's as simple as that; and the R.I.P. Curly Tail from Storm is up there with the biggest that we produce.

This unrigged soft bait produces a strong body roll with oversized curl tail action for big predators. Its ribbed, textured body adds vibration.

Rig it your way with different jig heads and hook configurations to suit your style of fishing and target species.

  • Unrigged soft shad for large predators
  • Oversized curl tail provides large presence
  • Strong body roll with curl tail action
  • Ribbed, textured body for added vibration
  • Rig it your own way with different jig heads and hook rigs
  • Running Depth - Variable
  • Body Length - 22 cm
  • Weight - 82 gr