Wychwood Firefly Baiting Needle Set

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Wychwood Firefly Baiting Needle Set is designed to offer you the complete range of Glow in the Dark baiting tools. The phosphorescent handles emit a radiant light at night time so that they are easily identifiable when you need to re-bait in the dark.

Includes a Baiting Needle - perfect for piercing hard baits such a boilies and rigging tiger nuts. A high quality stainless Bait Drill - for drilling nuts, mixers and other hardened baits. A Stringer Needle - with gate latch system to ensure a perfect load on to the hair, and Gate Latch Splicing Needle - designed to prevent snagging and to neatly splice loops and join monofilament lines to the lead core.

Key Features

  • Provides easy to identify glow in the dark baiting tools
  • A versatile range of baiting tools
  • Longer lasting sharpness
  • 1 x Baiting Safety Needle
  • 1 x Bait Drill
  • 1 x Bait/Stringer Needle
  • 1 x Splicing/fine Needle

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