Yuki Safu 2 Tone Tapered Shock Leader

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Yuki Safu tapered leaders are designed for surfcasting. Each of the leaders are 15mts long and are coloured to a certain distance giving an indication of what distance out you are so you can prepare to drop the rod tip and land the fish.

The first 7.5m of the heavy casting end is clear for maximum fish stealth whilst the remainder of the line is coloured in red. In this way the fisherman can know exactly in which distance is the fish while retrieving the rig out of the water. The quality of the tapered line is super, it is nice and limp with limited coiling and has very good knot strength.


  • 10 leaders per spool
  • Size: 15m / 0.30mm - 0.57mm
  • Colours: Red & Clear