Anglers World Product Spotlight - Savage Gear Belly Boat Pro-Motor 180

in Nov 25, 2022

Savage Gear is an internationally recognized brand in the world of fishing and more specifically predator fishing. The brand innovates every year to offer increasingly advanced, quality products including some high-performance float tubes to meet the new demands of anglers.

The Belly Boat Pro-Motor is the flagship model of the famous Savage Gear belly boat range – this baby is ready for action, just like you are! The new design of this belly boat is 10cm longer than the previous model, further increasing buoyancy and balance. These things are built to last. Strong, well constructed, and durable, with a well thought out layout.

The boat is Float Plus-ready, but it can also be fitted with a traditional thruster engine. The bumper features a gap to help you properly glue on a motor mount. The unique structure of the bow means that the center of gravity is more balanced after placing an engine there – this greatly improves the boats overall balance and steering.

However, the real selling point of this boat is that Savage Gear have added a pro motor option which is located at the bottom  - a slot underneath the boat enabling you to easily slide in and attach a pro motor.



The belly boat features two chamber construction - two individual areas that have their own air chambers. These are located in the tube itself and also the seat.

The inflatable seat is a seriously great feature and definitely makes extended time on the water very possible. Thanks to the padding and the non-slip EVA material, the seat is more comfortable than the old model. The seat height of 10 cm allows you to overhang the water level to gain ease in handling your rods.
It also features adjustable backrest straps so you can really dial in your comfort!

The length of the tubes gives you plenty of room to customize your float tube as you see fit by adding the accessories of your choice - camera mount, rod holder etc. Included is an easy-to-use hand pump and pressure clock, so you can always be sure that your belly boat is inflated to the optimum pressure.

Another brilliant feature is that the Savage Gear Belly Boat 180 comes with 4 waterproof boxes, one of which can be placed behind the seat. This gives for even more storage space for essential equipment. These boxes are made with EVA material and have click lids, so they are easy to open and close, rainproof and extremely robust. The boxes will remain stable when out in the water due to the practical sliding rail strap system.

Other features include carrying straps for moving locations and drag pads. The drag pads are placed under the tubes at the front of the boat and are very important since they allow the boat to slide on the ground without damaging the coating of the tubes - an invaluable asset! All seams throughout the boat are reinforced for extra security.

Maximum load: 155 kg
Weight: 15kg
Length: 180cm
Width: 116cm
Type of propulsion: Fins/Oar or Motor



Full List of Features

  • Float-Plus ready
  • Trolling engine mount friendly
  • Unique bow for improved steering properties
  • Extra-long for more stability
  • Glue-on pad friendly
  • Inflatable bottom
  • Comfortable EVA seat padding
  • Extra high non-slip seat
  • Non-slip seat straps
  • 4 sturdy waterproof boxes
  • 2 air chambers
  • Extra-long drag pads
  • Lightweight - 15kg (including all storage boxes)
  • Handpump & pressure clock included

All in all, the Savage Gear Belly Boat Pro-Motor 180 really is a substantial piece of kit! It is the perfect vessel for the true belly boat specialist – primed for electric engines and other accessories. It is straightforward to maneuver and
cuts effortlessly through the water - this is the king of belly boats with no rivals on the market!

This fantastic belly boat is available to buy online or in-store at Anglers World.


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